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ASME Steel Pipe Fittings

    1. Steel Pipe Elbow
      A pipe elbow is a pipe fitting used in plumbingsystems to connect two pipes of the same or different nominal diameter. It is bent at an angle to allow straight pipes to be joined at an angle, thereby realizing a change of direction. Of all pipe fittings, pipe elbow is the most widely used one, which is used in a variety of applications in industries such as electrical power, marine...
    1. Steel Pipe Tee
      Generally, a standard pipe tee is used to join pipes of the same diameter. However, the tee can also be used to join pipes of different diameters when it includes a reducer. Our pipe tee can be made using a wide range of materials, like carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel, to suit the needs of different applications.
    1. Steel Pipe Cross
      Our pipe cross is a type of pipe fitting which has one outlet and three inlets or one inlet and three outlets. It can be classified into straight cross and reducing cross. Our pipe crosses are increasingly used in many industries, such as petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, heating, papermaking, metallurgy, to name a few.
    1. Steel Pipe Reducer
      A pipe reducer is a pipe fitting designed to join two pipes of different inside diameters. It can be made using carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials, to meet the standards of the pipe industry. With reliable quality and high durability, our pipe reducer is widely used in industries such as electrical power, marine, petrochemical, chemical, heating...
    1. Steel Pipe Cap
      A pipe cap is an industrial fitting used to protect pipe ends of various shapes. It is usually liquid tight to achieve its purpose of waterproofing the connections. In addition, the pipe cap can also be used to close the ends of pipes or tubes. By materials they use: carbon steel cap, stainless steel pipe cap, alloy steel cap, etc.
    1. Steel Pipe Bend
      A pipe bend is a type of pipe fitting designed for oil, gas or liquid transportation applications. It can greatly reduce the need for welds while increasing the flow efficiency. Nowadays, pipe bends are becoming an indispensable component in all kinds of machines, whether aircrafts, their engines, or others.
    1. Steel Socket Weld Elbow
      A socket weld elbow is a type of socket weld fitting that is unthreaded, but has large sockets at both ends to accept ends of a pipe or tube. With the features of being reliable, functional, flexible and easy to use, our socket weld elbows are increasingly used in chemical, shipbuilding, electrical power, petroleum, gas, and many other industries.
    1. Steel Socket Weld Tee
      A socket weld tee, also known as forged high pressure tee, is a type of fitting designed for use in high pressure pipelines. It is primarily used to combine or split a fluid flow. Although socket weld tees usually have the same inlet and outlet sizes, reducing socket weld tees are also available.

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